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Testimonials & feedback

Dear Aaron Muller and Staff, 
I recently brought my car into your establishment for some repairs. I was very pleased with the honesty and service that I received. I had previously taken my car to another place and had a horrible experience. It is nice to know that not every mechanic tries to take advantage of someone who doesn't know much about cars. My car has never run better and your prices are very reasonable, not to mention how nicely detailed my car was! I will be recommending you to many people. If you could please send me some business cards that would be appreciated. Sincerely, 
Adrienne Farrow

Dear Mr. Muller, 
I'm writing this letter to commend you on your excellent service and staff. I happen to live in Seattle and was out on the eastside visiting family when my car broke down. I was able to start it again and brought it to the nearest location which so happens to be your shop. I have never been so pleased with a service center and in the future I will drive the distance (or pay it) in order to have my car worked on at your shop.

I have had a lot of experience with service shops throughout the Seattle area mainly because I have owned a variety of different cars. In the past I have arranged to have my car serviced and would have to wait anywhere from three days to a week regardless of the condition of the vehicle before I could get it into the shop. Your staff arranged it so my car would be worked on the same day I brought it in! Shocking!

Not to mention the car was ready when they said it would be, in fact it was finished before scheduled, once again shocking! At other shops I've been told to drop off my car on a certain day and pick it up on another and have found many times that my car had not even been looked at yet. As we all know it's very difficult to live without your vehicles, I am not as dependent as others on my vehicle and can arrange to live without it for a day or two but anything more than that is extremely difficult.

Your entire shop is very considerate and aware of this and offered to drop me off and pick me up while my car was being worked on. At this point I'm thinking I must be dreaming but it gets better, when it came time to pay my bill it was what the estimate was and it came with a warranty! I can't tell you how many shops I have been to that were way over their estimate, not to mention they don't guarantee their work. I understand that when working on cars you give a cost estimate and sometimes once the mechanic gets inside the vehicle they encounter more problems which in turn leads to a higher bill. This is something that was never explained to me at other service locations. I was very pleased with all the work done to my car, the efficiency and friendliness of the staff as well as a cheap, warranted bill.

From now on I will never go to another service center again. Before my experience at AA Auto I had thought that all mechanics were lazy crooks. I know that's a bit harsh but I have been ripped off by other service centers many times and have had a lot of poor work done to my vehicles. Thank you for restoring my faith in mechanics. I really enjoyed working with you all and hope I won't have to take my car in for a while but am happy to know it's in good hands if I do. I will be recommending AA Auto Service to all my friends and family. Thank you! 
Alexandria K Brock

I just wanted to send you a mail and let you know how pleased I am with the service I received from you and your team at AA Auto Service Center. When I first came into your shop I read a few of the letters on your customer service wall. I really made me feel comfortable coming to a new place knowing that people were really pleased with the level of service they had received at your shop.

I have lived in the area for four years now and up until this time have not found a place where I could trust my Corvette to be looked after with the kind of care I would give it myself. You guys & gals are top notch. I was also very pleased to get my car back freshly washed inside and out. You truly know something about service.

I want to mention two of the especially great things you guys did that really sold me. One was the way you helped me in the short time frame that was available under my emergency situation. The other goes out to Rob for having a tremendous amount of patience while explaining in layman's terms the details of my car's difficulty. I am truly impressed.

Please feel free to post this on your customer service wall complete with my signature. I will be happy to speak to anyone who wishes to contact me personally requesting a reference for your shop. Thanks for all your great service. I'll see you again in another 3,000 miles.

PS. Tell George I said thanks for the ride back to work. 
Brandon A. Christopher

Throughout and helpful! 
To the technicians at AAAuto, Thank you for figuring out the check engine light issues with my VW Jetta. I had taken my car to three different shops and each time, the fix was only temporary. It seems no one could diagnose the underlying issue with my car. It took one of the techs at AAAuto to finally figure out that the wrong air filter was being used! Many thanks for being so throughout and knowledgeable in finding and fixing the problem! AAAuto is now the main auto repair shop I go to and will recommend them wholeheartedly! 
Tetsu Liew

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