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30, 60 and 90K Tuneup Service

A tune up for a car is a very important thing to have done about every 30-40 thousand miles. Doing tune-ups on your car will keep you getting good gas mileage and keeps your car running smoothly. You need to do tune ups on your car to maintain and replace the parts that wear down from the usage of your car. There are many things to look at to have replaced such as the air filter, oil change, fuel filter, spark plug wires, the spark plugs, and for other cars, there are more things to look at to be replaced.

You should replace the fuel filter every 30 thousand miles to protect your cars fuel system. If your car has 2 fuel filters make sure to change them both. In addition, you can put fuel injector cleaner in as well to help keep the fuel filter clean.

By changing the sparkplugs you will get better gas mileage and your car will start better. By having bad sparkplugs your car can act up while driving, start poorly, and get bad gas mileage. At AAAuto Service Center we will inspect and change the spark plug wires if necessary.

If your car has adjustable valves, make sure to get a valve adjustment. Our trained technicians will take a look at the cap to see if there are any leaks. Leaks in the cap can result in oil around the top of your engine.

For different types of cars there are many different things to look at and get fixed during a tune-up. Make sure to have your car tuned up about every 30-40 thousand miles.

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