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Certified Emissions service

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Emission is most often the giving off of gases from many industrial plants and from the exhaust of vehicles. Many states are having vehicles go through an emissions test. The emissions fall into three types of categories.

The first one: Tailpipe Emissions. This is what a lot of people think about with vehicle air pollution. The major pollutants include Hydrocarbons, Nitrogen oxides, Carbon monoxide, and Carbon dioxide.

The second one: Evaporative emissions. This is produced from evaporation of the fuel and is also a large contributor to urban smog. These are heavier molecules that stay closer to the ground.

The third one: Life cycle emissions. These are produced with the manufacturing, maintenance, and the disposal of the automobile.

Advances of the technology with the engines and vehicles, keep lowering the amount of fumes generated, but is also considered insufficient to meet the emissions goals. So, technologies to react with and clean up the remaining emissions have been an essential part of the emissions control. Efforts at the reduction of evaporative emissions consist of the capturing of vented vapors from within the vehicle and the reduction of refueling emissions. With further restrictions on emissions, this is making more manufactures to come up with alternative vehicles.

The newer cars they are coming out with like the Hybrids and such are making it difficult for the older mechanic to work on them. They will have to go back to school to learn about these engines to keep up with technology. At AAAuto Service Center, our emission technicians are trained in the latest equipments and engine types. We can work on almost any vehicle. 

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