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clutch service

Cars that have clutches make driving out in the country fun and exciting, shifting gears, and flying thorough the hills. However, in town and heavy traffic make it a real pain, especially if your clutch is having problems.

The worse thing a driver can do is to ride the clutch. Slipping the clutch excessively when starting out or when creeping along in traffic sends the temperature of the clutch soaring. This is a sure way to ruin the disc.

Your clutch problem may not be nothing at all to fix, but then again it could become major. That is why it is best to have AAAuto Service Center check it out thoroughly for you. It is always better to replace one part than a whole clutch. This is where we come in.

Therefore, if you have a clatter, chatter, or anything close to this you may have a worn clutch and its time to go see our knowledgeable technicians. We can diagnose the problem and may even save you a buck or two. Never wait to have anything in your car checked thinking it will get better. Odds of this are…it never does. Adding oil to a roller skate wheel does not always make it turn more smoothly, it sometimes just makes you fall faster.

Our clutch inspection and maintenance routine can save you a lot of money. Visit us at least every 10,000 miles.

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