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Carburetor service

Henry Ford got a patent on the first carburetor in 1898. The carburetor controls the air to the fuel mixture in the engine. From choke to full open throttle, a carburetor is designed to operate under a number of different conditions and is a fairly complex component of the engine. You can find a carburetor in chainsaws to generators up to cars. Usually anything that runs gasoline needs a carburetor.

Carburetors were once a standard component in all car engines, but have been almost entirely phased out in recent decades by fuel-injection systems. Carburetors still remain popular for use in smaller machines and motorcycles, due to their simplicity and inexpensiveness. They are also frequently found in stock cars and propeller-driven aircraft.

When something goes wrong with your carburetor, if your not able to fix it yourself then it’s a trip to your favorite mechanic. At AAAuto Service Center we will assess the situation and tell you what the problem is and how to fix it. Again many mechanics opt to rebuild instead of replacing them. The choice is yours, depending on the cost. Many people are turning to the internet to get detailed instructions on rebuilding them but trust a mechanic unless you know what you are doing.


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