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Air Conditioning Service

Almost every car made has an air conditioning unit. Just press a button and you instantly have coolness in your car or truck. This makes your summer travels very comfortable. It will use more gas to run your system, but you will have to decide what is more important. However, it has been said that opening your cars windows puts a drag on your car as well, which uses more gas. It would be in your best interest to talk with your mechanic regarding any questions you may have when it comes to saving fuel with the windows down and no air, or the windows up and the air running.

You must take care of your cooling system just like an oil change in your vehicle too. Even some mechanics recommend running your air conditioner for at least 10 minutes a month, even in the winter. Because it contains a light mineral oil in the refrigerant to keep the compressor properly lubricated. If it isn’t cooling, take it to your mechanic. Replacing the refrigerant isn’t a job for the simple man to do. This can freeze your skin if not properly injected. It requires special tools and AAAuto service Center technicians are licensed to refill your air conditioner with refrigerant.

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